To produce our single malts, we adopt the same basic raw materials and processes used for generations in the old world, but we don’t simply seek to replicate the results. With each expression we endeavor to create something that both honors the traditions of distilling that we admire and adds something worthwhile at the same time. Something new and distinctly American.

For centuries, single malt whiskey has been considered solely the domain of Scotland. Now, Westland is leading the emergence of an entirely new category of single malt whiskey.


Our Pacific Northwest climate is ideally suited for the production of single malt whiskey. Washington contains two of the best barley-growing regions in the world, our remarkable water is sourced from the Cascade Mountains and we're surrounded by a cultural heritage that encourages questioning of long-standing conventional thinking.

For centuries, a well-charted tradition in whiskey has established a covenant about how it is made. But there is another, decidedly American, tradition to uphold—to challenge accepted conventions with the conviction that there is always more to be discovered.

The three expressions in Westland's core range of American Single Malt Whiskeys each exhibit the fundamental intention of our house style: a balanced, barley-forward whiskey that honors tradition but also moves it forward in a new way.

Limited Releases

Colere Edition 1

Limited Annual Release

The first Edition of Colere marks a monumental step forward for not just Westland but the whiskey industry as a whole. This is the first in what will be an ongoing annual inquiry into unique varieties of barley bred outside the commodity system with flavor first as a goal. Learn More

Garryana Edition 5

Limited Annual Release

Garryana American Single Malt Whiskey pursues true provenance with the introduction of an entirely new species of oak to the world of whiskey. In our work, we create a record of the oak’s distinctive characteristics and reveal unique expressions of Pacific Northwest terroir. Shop Now

Lucky Envelope Cask Exchange

Release No.4

The fourth release in our Cask Exchange series, this whiskey is in collaboration with Lucky Envelope Brewery in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. Each whiskey in this series is a celebration of Pacific Northwest camaraderie and innovation. This distillery exclusive release is available for shipping in Washington State. Shop Now

Coldfoot Whiskey

For The Determined

The first edition of Coldfoot American Single Malt commemorates the spirit of exploration and those places where independent paths come together to revel in the journey. Combining several signature elements of Westland’s house style into one bottle, this whiskey marks a moment in time and serves as a milepost in an ongoing expedition into the unknown possibilities of single malt whiskey in America. Online exclusive available through Caskers.com in most states. Shop Now

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