Gather 'round all ye onlookers to witness impossible feats of shocking peated intrigue. See The Great Füstös escape from the clutches of the cask. How does he do it?!?

Each show could be his last, don’t delay. Behold, the wonder of Peat Week is here!

The Show Must Go On!

The baffling brilliance of Peat Week events have moved online! Symposium? Cocktail Competition? Yes! Take a scroll down the midway to find all that delights.

Festival Bottling!

You’re not seeing double, it’s true! This year’s Festival Bottlings are two! Follow the sights and sounds of revelry to learn more!

Fancy a flight of the fantastical? Dare to discover the depths of peated mischief? Grab a front row seat to the spectacle at our annual Peat Week Symposium. We’re taking this year’s event online with a rare tasting of our most outrageous and delicious peated casks. Only those willing to pay the price will reap the rewards! How?!?


What wonders will our witty alchemists whip up this Peat Week? An amalgamation of cocktail delights you can conjure at home! Three recipes. Three cocktail kits. Your purchase picks the winner and guarantees admission to the virtual Peat Week Cocktail Class. Pick your potion, cast your vote, and join the melee of flavor and fortune!

Shrouded in mystery, The Great Füstös is captive to none and hero to all. From smoke he appears, in smoke he vanishes! Two prisons of oak and steel will ply their wares in keeping our King of the Cask Breakers contained. Can he escape from a reinforced ex-Bourbon barrel secured by massive locks? Will the Rum cask finish him?!? Only time will tell.

Whiskey Specifications:

Escaped! Cask #438

Malt: Baird’s Heavily Peated Malt
Cask: 1st Fill ex-Bourbon (Buffalo Trace)
Yeast: Belgian Saison Brewer’s Yeast
Total Maturation: 89 months
ABV/Proof: 61.4% / 122.8

Tasting Notes
Nose : Cadbury egg, rice Chex, straw, dried floral
Palate : Lemon meringue, green tea, sustained wood smoke

Escaped! Cask #6732

Malt: Baird’s Heavily Peated Malt
Original Cask: 1st Fill ex-Bourbon (Buffalo Trace)
Finishing Cask: ex-Rum (Mount Gay)
Yeast: Belgian Saison Brewer’s Yeast
Total Maturation: 89 months (21 months finishing)
ABV/Proof: 60.8% / 121.6

Tasting Notes
Nose : Dried pineapple, molasses, croissant
Palate : Smoked black tea, soft caramel, faint clove


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