Winter 2016

The release of Westland Winter celebrates the stark contrasts of the season. At once brisk and cozy, austere and comforting, it hovers over the threshold of the season’s two theaters, the hinterland and the hearth. Nine casks were married for this release. Smoke is the one constant, its waft on the wind carrying us in and out of each scene. The ex-bourbon casks shape the whiskey into a fully realized portrait of winter, but this release’s ascendant feature is a single ex-Olorosso hogshead of peated spirit. This sherry cask, with its immense richness and assertive peatiness, reminds us that this time of year togetherness is warming and indulgence is forgiven.

Flavor Profile Notes

The nose introduces fresh apple, raisin sauce, light peat smoke and cocoa powder while the palate transforms these initial explorations and delivers fruit cake, cooked apples, gingerbread and mocha for a nuanced and satisfying dram.


release number:


release date:

November 2016



total bottled:


minimum maturation time:

34 months




Washington Select Pale Malt (65%)
Signature 5-Malt (14%)
Baird's Heavily Peated Malt (21%)

cask type(s):

  • 1st Fill ex-Bourbon (6 casks)

  • 1st Fill ex-Oloroso Hogshead (1 cask)

  • Cooper’s Reserve (1 cask)

  • 1st Fill ex-Westland (1 cask)

Yeast Strain:

Belgian Brewer's Yeast

Fermentation Time:

144 Hours

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