Peat Week 2016 | Festival Bottling

In the center ring is this year's headliner- a marriage of eight fantastically peaty casks in a most marvelous display of graceful, tangled and dashing peatism. Here precocious and ambitious casks join veteran ones in a daring and delicious dance of smoke. Just over 2,000 total bottles are available, packaged in three unique commemorative dressings; the Mystic, the Acrobat and the Queen Supreme.

Flavor Profile Notes

Don't let the expected first approach- mossy, earthy and filled with iodine- to fool you. Move in closer. The smoke juggles funky green peat and medicinal cherry notes. Still closer. Now soot and ash with circling tropical fruits. Not too bitter. Instead a great depth of peat flavor. A balancing act of smoke, grain, fruit and oak.


release number:


release date:

Fall 2016



total bottled:


minimum maturation time:

25 - 37 months




Baird's Heavily Peated Distiller's Malt

cask type(s):

  • Five first-fill ex-bourbon

  • Three new American oak

Yeast Strain:

Belgian Brewer's Yeast

Fermentation Time:

144 hours

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