Deacon Seat


Any undertaking - great or small - must have a beginning. It is the intention of this beginning, the way by which you set out, that is important. During the opening of the West, the first task for axe men in a new logging camp was to fell a tree, halve it, then lay it flat side up. This became the Deacon Seat, a bench that ran the length of the eventual bunkhouse and became the center of camp life. The Deacon Seat was a place to rest, a place to band together over a dram of whiskey, a place of level ground upon which to build one's place in the West.

This whiskey is our Deacon Seat. Our first step. It is the first whiskey released that will bear the Westland name and we put it forward proud of our beginning. For us, this American Single Malt Whiskey is our own crossing into a new frontier. Long years of work have been leading to this moment. That's worth commemorating. While we take pause to acknowledge our start, we gather to look towards the endeavor before us with reverence, steel intentions, and the blood of stubborn, persistent ancestors in our veins. We will not disappoint them.

Flavor Profile Notes

The introduction greets the nose with aromas of orange marmalade, powdered doughnut and freshly made waffle cone. With a little patience and continued nosing the whiskey reveals even more in the form of crème brulee, mocha and apple fritter dusted with cinnamon.

The palate adds French vanilla custard to the waffle cone as well as a quick dash of pepper and ginger before settling on rainier cherries and bitter chocolate through to the finish.


release number:


release date:

September 2013



total bottled:


minimum maturation time:

26 months




Washington Select Pale Malt
Munich Malt
Extra Special Malt
Pale Chocolate Malt
Brown Malt

cask type(s):

  • 100% #4 Char New American Oak

Yeast Strain:

Belgian Brewer's Yeast

Fermentation Time:

144 Hours

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