Cask #52


Casks #29 and #52 mark the first in a series of single cask releases from Westland. These bespoke single malt whiskies reveal a truth – making single malt whiskey is part science, part dead reckoning. And while we set out with a clear intention for the style of whiskey we ultimately want to put in the bottle, often times we have to let the whiskey tell us what it wants to be. These single cask releases are illustrations of that principle. Each whiskey in the series is hand-selected by our Master Distiller and bottled at cask strength. Each has proven worthy of its own voice by revealing a unique expression of our house style.

In contrast to Cask #29, Cask #52 is decidedly new world in its design. This is a grain-forward whiskey that highlights the interplay between the rich character of our signature 5-malt grain bill and the big flavors of a fresh and flavorful new American oak cask.

Flavor Profile Notes

On the nose sweet oak wood stands tall with chocolate wafer crackers, apple cobbler and graham cracker pie crust joining it. The initial palate at cask strength is floral and woody, like an orchard in spring.

The full richness of this whiskey comes with dilution. The nose is reminiscent of Butterfinger bars and red fruits. The oak, while still present, has diminished leaving us with balanced flavors on the palate, most notably with chocolate mousse, raspberry cheesecake and peanut butter.


release number:


release date:

May 2014



total bottled:


minimum maturation time:

30 Months




Washington Select Pale Malt
Munich Malt
Extra Special Malt
Pale Chocolate Malt
Brown Malt

cask type(s):

  • #4 Char New American Oak

Yeast Strain:

Belgian Brewer's Yeast

Fermentation Time:

144 Hours

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